We love the sea and the wind


What distinguishes us

Our two locations in Germany, Hamburg and Bremen, have their administration in Hamburg. We are a diverse team, with many different nationalities and great enthusiasm for maritime work. Many of us have applied to work for us precisely because of our commitment to environmentally friendly energy procurement, but also because we can make a difference.

We meet every two weeks at our Company Meeting and bring each other up to date. We’re not only talking about our projects, also our management gets involved and makes transparent what's going on behind the scenes.

We love doing things together. So we like to celebrate and use many occasions to make it a party. At lunchtime, you will find many of us sitting together in the kitchen. Some even cook their own meals in our kitchen.

But the most important thing for us is the cooperation. We work in teams, like to share our knowledge, help and learn from each other. We are proud when we tell people about our work.

Efficient and sustainable onboarding with feedback meetings is very important to us and ensures a successful start with us in the team.

What drives us

Our goal is to create a better world for future generations using Marine Ingenuity.

Our values

We create

We create

We share a passion for entrepreneurship and shipbuilding. We design and implement innovative maritime solutions based on marine ingenuity that create value for our customers. This is our raison d'être and defines our contribution to a prosperous and better society.
We Care

We care

As a family business, we care about people. We always maintain high standards for quality, safety and integrity in our projects. We are willing to take responsibility and are committed to creating a sustainable world. Our actions are based on long-term continuity and a sense of responsibility.
We work together

We work together

Our organization is professional and dedicated, placing great emphasis on teamwork and collaboration with customers to achieve the best results. We are a learning company that constantly strives to improve. We believe that mutual respect is the key to trust and collaboration.
We succeed

We succeed

We are competitive and ready to challenge each other. We are flexible and adapt to new market conditions. In doing so, we take risks responsibly and continuously improve our business processes so that our customers can derive the best benefit. Our goal is to ensure the continuity and growth of our company in the long term.